Mail for investors

Dear Investors!

Hotelstore PTE LTD attracts investments for active growth and development of the company.

The essence of the business model and the main distinction from the existing international luxury brand marketplaces is fast delivery within 2 hours, which is achieved by cooperation only with local sellers.

The concept will meet the needs for searching, choosing the best price and online purchasing of goods not only for local residents, but also for customers who are traveling or on a business trip. 

For that purpose, we use active marketing promotion in hotel chains and among other players in the travel industry.

The company applies the latest modern technologies and implements innovative solutions to meet the needs of its customers in the best possible way. By 2025, the Internet will become the leading channel for luxury goods sales, analysts at Bain & Company predict.

The increase in the number of multicategory marketplaces that work with the luxury segment creates healthy competition in terms of price and level of service for leading luxury goods marketplaces. 

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